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What you can expect

The Grinberg Method® supports you in learning new things – about yourself and your body -, to stop old, limiting behaviour patterns and to live your full potential.

In your first Grinberg session, after a detailed foot-analysis and our talk, you will choose an aim for the subsequent process.

Some learning goals have to do with dealing with pain or persistent conditions in the body:
„With my headache I lie flat for two days without medication. I want to change this condition“. „I would like to sleep better.“
Other topics for a Grinberg session series are about hurdles that you want to overcome or qualities that you want to develop.
„I am often so reserved and I want to express more of my creativity.“ „I want to learn to deal better with my fears.“

With the Grinberg-Method® you can find ways to reach your small and bigger goals.

I am looking forward to working with you.

Susanne Potma

What can the Grinberg Method® do for you?

Versatile – tailored to your needs – in times like these ONLINE.

Silence and Strength

Find your own way to access inner silence, strength and peace. Develop a natural, mindful approach to yourself. Overcome emotional stress - live your potential.

Release Tension

Pain and tension take up much of our strength. With pain the body shows us that something is off. You can learn to let go of tension and to not build it up again. Learn to feel your body more and find your way to well-being and relief.

Dealing with Fears

Find more serenity and freedom in dealing with previously difficult situations Nervousness, shyness, processing of separation and pain, dealing with unpleasant emotions.

Stop Behavior Patterns

We all have certain roles that we slip into from time to time. For example, our behaviour in an exam situation, when giving a speech, driving a car, going to the dentist, visiting family or at work. We know exactly what needs to be done and some of us function as if on autopilot. Sometimes our behavioral possibilities become too few and dissatisfaction or suffering arises. Find a way to stop these automatisms and again have a choice of how you want to deal with new situations.

Free Individual Breathing

How we breathe changes - often unnoticed. It is also influenced by habits. Especially in stressful situations, where we would need a clear head and all our strength, we breathe too little in or out. Find the breathing that supports you in everyday situations.

Regeneration and Wellbeing

After operations or long periods of overexertion, the body needs time and enough strength to do its work: renew, release, build up, break down. In everyday life, situations arise in which we react with stress, tension or pressure. Take the time to support your body in all its processes and contribute to the well-being and health of your body.

Would you like to work with your body?

The Grinberg Method®

What can I expect from the Grinberg session?

The first Grinberg session

Come in comfortable clothes that do not restrict you and let you breathe freely.
After a detailed Foot Analysis, the main topic and goal of the session or session series is decided. I then select appropriate techniques from the Grinberg Method® and put together a session that supports you and your body through touch and verbal guidance to achieve your learning goal.
Afterwards there will be the opportunity for a short exchange about your experience during the session.

Grinberg Method

Do you want to try an online-session?
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Grinberg Method Online-Sessions

Experience a Grinberg Online-Session in English, German and DutchI offer Grinberg Online-Sessions to support your wish to develop, learn and grow. The Grinberg Online-Sessions are an opportunity to bring more attention to your body and find your manner of breathing that supports you in all life situations. In the 1 on 1 sessions you will learn to deepen your connections to your inner strength, your bodies wisdom and inspiration. We can connect via Zoom or other channels that you prefer. In the first session we will define your Learning Goal using the Grinberg Foot Analysis and your desired outcome. Based on the Grinberg Foot Analysis and your goals I will develop a session plan specifically for you.

Possible Learning Goals:

  • Dealing with emotions like anger or fear through the body
  • Learning to relax – finding release from physical issues
  • A quiet mind – focused thinking
  • Feeling energized
  • Breaking old habits
  • Restful sleep
  • Breath more fully

During the session you will lay down or sometimes sit or stand. With the camera on you, I am able to give you appropriate instructions for your breathing, for focusing your attention on your body, for relaxing, contracting or letting go. A resting period followed by reflecting on the experience will end the Online-Session.

I find the Grinberg Method® incredibly helpful for changing old habits and supporting the body to rebalance itself.

Contact me now for your first appointment.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Susanne Potma

How my clients have experienced the Online-Sessions

„I had a online session with Susanne yesterday. First we talked for about half an hour to clarify what we wanted to work on, then another hour with me on the mat to work with my breath. Her questions came straight to the point, and although I had worked on this topic many times before, I had insights that I had not had before. I felt seen, understood, held and cared for all the time. Susanne was incredibly concentrated, attentive and precise. I especially liked the fact that she was emphatic and yet did not conform to my story. Thank you Susanne, you are very professional and highly recommended!”


„In the last year I had increased pain in my lumbar spine and was often restricted in my movement. One week before my first online session, I felt a sharp sting in my back and the pain went down to my right foot. Despite medication I suffered and could not find peace. Fortunately Susanne offered me an online session for which I didn’t have to leave my flat. Through specific instructions I was able to release tensions, feel emotions and let the energy flow in my body. It was a great feeling, my body vibrated and I felt brave, happy and loved. The pain in my leg and also in my back had almost disappeared. After the session I felt free and full of confidence. I still felt a lot of energy flowing through my body. The most beautiful experience was to understand that I can dissolve the pain myself. (of course with the help of Susanne!!) The tension in my leg came back, but I was able to release it by breathing and relaxing, which also reduced the pain. I practised what I had learned, so to speak, and was finally able to sleep and rest again. The second online unit worked just as well as the first. I was able to let go well again and feel the conditions in my body. Whether online or in person, the Grinberg Method helps me to release my blockages, not to suppress my feelings and to develop a good body awareness! I am very grateful that I can learn this process from home!”

Ricki W.

„I did the foot analysis with Susanne and was admittedly surprised by the positive experience I had here. Due to the current situation it was unfortunately not possible to meet Susanne in person, so we organised a meeting via Zoom. It worked better than I had expected. I made myself comfortable at home, in familiar surroundings, and followed Susanne’s instructions. She looked at my feet and asked questions. By analyzing my feet, Susanne was able to see that certain emotions cause a certain physical symptom in me. We went deeper into awareness and recognition of certain connections. With an effective breathing technique, which Susanne showed me, I was able to work on the emotions and actively take care of them. This gave me a new perception of my inner state, but also of my physical condition. It was a thoroughly positive experience for me. Susanne was extremely competent, patient and sensitive. I felt trust and attention. It was wonderful to have met someone like Susanne at times like these. After the treatment, I felt light and could feel new energy flowing within me. I can really recommend these sessions to everyone!”

Mag. Selma G.
Office Manager

“I didn’t know the Grinberg Method before – but it’s incredible how effective it is. A wave of destiny brought me to Susanne. Susanne has now supported me many times in difficult times and situations. My life became (again) more positive and easier. In times of Corona it is unfortunately not possible to hold a session with Susanne in person – but she manages to find access to me in the digital world via video call. And God knows these times are not easy for me right now. Fear is my new companion – but Susanne has managed to teach me how to let my fear flow and use it for me, and so it is a simple and lasting salvation for me. Of course, it doesn’t happen overnight, and I am immediately „free of fear“ – but through the Grinberg Method I have learned to deal with the fear, to use it for me. And to breathe again. It gives me much more quality of life again!”

Petra K

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